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Visionary and author of Why Our World, witnessed a gold light of energy illuminating the room at the time of his sons birth.

Excelling at mechanical and electrical theory, along with his own natural interest thrust him into the car repair field in 1976 at the age of fifteen. Growing up among many children in So Cal suburbia, he would meet his best friend. These two mischief makers enrolled in many life experiences by building toys, playing sports, forming a rock band, riding motor cycles, racing cars and playing golf. Later, they both worked for, and eventually took over their families businesses of auto repair and commercial printing.

While in high school, he would meet the love of his life. Together, they purchased their first home and raised their two children. Married for 29 years his relationship to her was anything but easy. Being married to a high school sweetheart can present many challenges, but, this frustration fueled inspiration.

Just out of high school, the authors brother was killed in an automobile accident, while grieving intensely he experienced an out of body phenomenon that changed his life.

The journey through his career of car repair would make him an expert at problem solving. While operating his business he noticed people's reactions to certain situations, and the consequences or benefits from those actions. While learning from these occurrences, he enhanced his life energy awareness (karma) by fine tuning his own actions.

Spending 25 years of his life on an unexplained obsession, making notes (just as he was falling asleep, sometimes multiple times nightly) that would eventually become the Why Our World manuscript. Using internet and personal experiences for research, these notes would lead to many ambiguous conclusions, until he began studying the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian culture interested him which led to many astounding revelations that seem to answer many of the world's big picture questions involving human life, death, time, space and energy. The author accredits his amazing thought processes to a conceptual mind, and to an exceptional long term memory.

Human Nature

Happiness, the key ingredient for a successful life, yet many people lack training which disables this mandatory human emotion. The intense energy of love motivates everyone on the planet, yet when misused due to poor tanning, causes irreparable damage to a person's life energy. The energy of love requires consideration from every aspect; many people are ignorant of its power, and effect.

Throughout our resent human history education has been based on factual intelligence. But, a person's happiness is more than just gathering information; it’s about training for life and making correct choices to enable a beneficial experience. For example: two equally intelligent people are living at the opposite ends of the financial spectrum. The happiness levels of these individuals are solely dependent on their own perspectives on life, and the relationships it contains.

Pioneering Bio Chemist/Scientist J Craig Venter has decoded the human genome, and created the only new man made DNA cell that can self-replicate.
A simple Sheppard in Southern Turkey discovered the most exciting archaeological discovery of our time by uncovering Göbekli Tepe, a 12,000 year old civilization.öbekli_Tepe. These world changing discoveries basically disprove old world religions. (Most religions depict the start of human existence at about 4000 BC while only God, can create life).

The point is, time allows people the opportunity to advance general knowledge. A vast number of people are becoming frustrated with current religions such as Christianity etc. This condition continues to drive new religions like Scientology, which is developing at a record breaking pace.
Most old world religions were created in a short earthly time span, when people had no answers. Religion has failed to bring relief to the world in the form of understanding; in fact, it has failed to convey happiness to many of its patrons. This disconnect is due to poor comprehension of the human event.

Current religions such as scientology, offer an alternative belief avenue by involving new age instruction that enhance happiness levels by teaching the benefits of positive life energy. These “learning centers” (churches) provide training to their over 23 million members.
Though scientology classifies themselves as a "church," their main focus is not one of god and heaven, but one of self improvement.


The medium of technology has enabled informational wonders to combine, creating answers that unlock age old, big pictures questions. What happens to a person's soul when they die? How did the first humans arrive on earth? When an infant is born, how is the life energy (soul) produced? Why do humans love? Can heaven on earth be achieved?

Why Our World is a compellation created over many years of research and observation, while fitting ambiguous pieces of information into their rightful place. This manuscript outlines a new understanding while teaching people about their true propose, obtaining happiness i.e.: heaven on earth. Why Our World explains our true meaning, while outlining the steps to love, family and happiness.

The technologically advanced Egyptians predicted many world events within their calendar, including when the world would change, they hit it on the money, on 12-12-12 Why Our World was completed and published on Amazon, and shortly after free on the web.


For the author it has been about making people happy. Exploring the reasons behind unhappiness, and trying to fix them. Why Our World unlocks many long standing secrets while introducing new subject matter. This new life affirming platform exhibits many areas of exploitation in the education and entertainment genera's.




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Over twenty five years and countless hours of critical thinking, the author has gathered research on many subjects, one seemly leading to the next. Though the site sections are brief, they must be read slowly while pondering the meaning of each paragraph. - Read More

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