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What happens to a person's soul after death? How did the first humans arrive on earth? When an infant is born how is the life energy (soul) produced? Why do humans love? Many long standing big picture questions have plagued mankind from our beginning. Why Our World delivers cutting edge ideology which addresses these issues while revealing secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.

The intense energy of love motivates everyone on the planet which requires consideration from every aspect, when misused can cause irreparable damage to a person's life energy.

Why Our World is a compilation of over twenty years of research. Uniting ancient Egyptians with life energy and love to explain the mysteries of life, death and universe.

Happiness is a key ingredient for a successful life, yet many of us lack training which disables this basic human emotion. Though mankind has progressed in many negative attributes such as: greed, arrogance and jealously many problems still exist. These shortcomings inhibit personal growth while negatively effecting innocent bystanders.

While many words are written, few will have the ability to change the world.
Why Our World is a text for life, love and the human experience.




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    Home   Visionary and author of WhyOurWorld excelled at mechanical and electrical theory, along with his own interests and life experiences embarked him a quest to answer life's questions. A journey through his career would enable him to correlate information that we all live with everyday, into problem solving epiphanies.

Over twenty five years and countless hours of critical thinking, the author has gathered research on many subjects, one seemly leading to the next. Though the site sections are brief, they must be read slowly while pondering the meaning of each paragraph. - Read More

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