No matter who you are, what your education level is, or how much money you make, you have questions. Many occurrences we live with everyday are puzzling, while others are simple to understand. Some people are ready to accept the information this book will convey; others will choose not to. Regardless of your beliefs or your ability to understand human events that occur in our world, you will be compelled to ponder the information presented by the journey you are about to embark upon.

Current-day educational courses offer little to inform people on the key ingredients required for true happiness and love throughout a lifetime. When people conclude their academic training they are cast carelessly into the world with insufficient practical education. This lack of training results in a failure to achieve basic human goals.

There are conjunctive rules that need to be followed when exploring subjects with many unknown possibilities. To start with, everything is a circle, even if the connection is not visible. There are exceptions to almost every rule. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Almost nothing is what it seems. To get a rough estimate of an answer take each variable to its extreme. Finally, completely read a subject before forming an opinion. Basic theories indeed, most of life’s mysteries are simple; they just seem complicated because the answer is unknown.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A profound notion indeed, Newton envisioned this theory not knowing how many applications it would encompass. Everything has a reaction to an action, whether seen or not.


Humans have existed on this earth about 250,000 years, but how did we arrive or evolve? Some say we have simply evolved from a primate, while others believe a miracle from a god is responsible. A simple evolution from primates seems remote because humans are about one hundred times more complex both emotionally and intellectually, a completely different species.

Additionally, this single chromosome modification that created our human populous was adjusted to produce multiple races of humans. As the primary human evolution cycle began to mature, the residual primate tendencies were bred out, exposing the human form. Ultimately, humans created groups, and eventually small societies were developed.

In most cases, normal evolutionary guidelines that dictate the evolution of a species are followed by extinction of the underdeveloped specimens. This has not occurred for primates. Additionally, why is the human style of evolution exclusive to primates and not other animals?

The span of the human race, beginning to end, is much like any life cycle. As a race, humans achieve greatness at the apex of our earthly existence.

Currently society has preserved about five thousand years of history. From the years preceding these recordings only bits and pieces can be obtained. Research has produced speculation on ancient civilization living conditions, cultivation and building techniques. These scattered facts have been interpreted many different ways. Unfortunately, most of this information fails to identify traditions, intelligence levels, or purpose correctly.

Life Energy

There are many examples of humans’ emotional energy that most people underestimate. Some are subtle, such as a smile, and some are more intense, like jealousy or rage. When a person becomes angry, his heartbeat and adrenaline levels rise, which causes his voice to get louder and face to become flush. Once the event has concluded, the person’s energy level is diminished. A rejuvenation period is then required before ambient levels can resume.

This energy transference condition is present in all physical and mental extremities. All emotions convert to a specific type of energy, which then affects a person’s life energy. Collectively, these emotions translate into a lifestyle.

Love and hate are emotions that reside at the opposite ends of the energy spectrum. Even though these energies are completely opposite, they can alternate rapidly. When love is removed from a person’s life, discomfort is experienced, which is the result of a positive energy being eliminated. When hate is abolished, negative energy is removed, creating a simultaneous energy boost.

Unsurpassed in result, love and hate possess the ability to alter life paths of every person connected though a relationship. The decision to love or hate is rendered based on perspective. A successful life practice includes the ability to acknowledge positive life attributes while ignoring the negative. Acting in a negative manner promotes the attraction of similar energies. The opposite is true for positive actions.

As most people attempt to recall their first memories of life they are successful only back to her fifth birthday. Throughout the birth and infant stages, a person’s brain is still developing and is unable to retain early awareness. Let’s go one step further back−─ where is the person’s life energy before it originated in the birth process?

When a person is born, a life energy is initiated through the miracle of birth. This life energy is the essence in which the soul is held. Throughout a lifetime, life energy either ascends or descends, depending on the actions and thoughts of the individual. When people die their life energy is transferred out of their body. As this energy passes from lifetime to lifetime, natural likes and dislikes, talents, and shortcomings pursue them. There are virtually endless accounts of highly advanced, knowledgeable, and talented children who inherit skills that far outreach normality.

Human life energy and electrical energy exhibit many of the same characteristics. Electricity works on two basic principles, positive and negative energy. Magnetic energy fields are created from an electronic standpoint. This energy presents itself in organisms as minuscule as bacteria, and as ample as the universe.

The matter from which everything is created was designed to change with time. Therefore, anything in our universe must adhere to this basic principle. Everything in existence is energy, some kind of element in basic form.

Life energy parallels the characteristics of electricity (matter). Like electricity, life energy is controllable and with this control comes possibilities.

Ancient Stories

Most people find comfort in current religious establishments. This pacification is based on a story documented in the past that has endured many generations. While religion supplies many useful attributes, discrepancies among religious establishments have created controversy.

Absent of unequivocal proof, a single religion cannot be awarded superiority while condemning the remaining contenders. Due to the ambiguous nature of the religion inspired stories, some people experience difficulty committing. By design, humans possess the aspiration to improve mental well-being, which drives the need to believe in something more substantial than our current existence.

The ancient Egyptians are one of the most controversial and misunderstood societies on earth. Many buildings and statues located on the Giza Plains in Egypt were created in the time period of ancient kings and pharaohs. Among these structural wonders stand four monolithic pyramids and a lion-human hybrid called a “sphinx”. Currently, thousands of people visit Egypt every year to see the mystery of these extraordinary human achievements. Many questions still surround these buildings as to their method of construction and purpose. Historians have suggested that these structures were assembled using slaves ruled by force and execution. Others claim the Egyptians used alien assistance.

Throughout our modern-day society, we trust assumptions made about historical events as interpreted by field professionals. But, as we know, professionals can be mistaken (we’re only human). These professionals have almost completely translated the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, artifacts, and remaining monuments. After years of exploration and countless hours of deliberation, many questions still remain.

It will be the past that teaches us about our future. The ancient Egyptian society represents the “middle of time” for the existence of humans on earth. The Egyptians established one of the first advanced societies on earth and are the actual reason we exist today. Humans have a cycle; each planet in the solar system has a cycle. As one dies, it gives way to a new one. To help understand the basis for the ancient Egyptian goal, we must travel back in time, before the first humans on earth.


Global space programs have spent years and an astronomical amount of money attempting to unlock the secrets of the universe. While many attempts have been successful in localized space travel, voyages to the outer reaches of the galaxy remain insurmountable. A fuel source capable of interstellar rejuvenation and life-sustaining requirements remain the main obstacles. If these barriers were eventually overcome, a final conundrum presents itself: destination.

As life-producing planets evolve elsewhere in the universe, a comparable situation could transpire similar to the eco system on earth. The phenomenon of life exists on our planet; it would be naïve to believe this condition is exclusive.

The Obvious

Why don’t people learn what’s right in front of them? It’s because they are not ready to understand it. People will learn only what they are ready to learn. As a philosopher once said, “There is no short cut to the path; there is only the path.” While our society matures, a new mindset is emerging, no longer are people satisfied with the status quo. We desire a more direct approach, proof if you will, or at least a more believable possibility.

The unknown can drive a person insane. Is there an answer for every question? That’s difficult to say, but a problem that can be solved, will be, in time. Things that seemed impossible will become commonplace, our normal evolutionary process. Our earth provides basic rules that every living species must adhere to such as oxygen, water, nourishment, and reproductive cycles. Human life is vastly different than every other life form on earth and is the only form of life that has experienced advanced intelligence evolutions.

If a person observed a civilization of hamsters attempting to build a bicycle instead of a survival system they would assume the hamsters possess a minimal amount of intelligence.

  • Enhancing intelligence requires people to assume they know less than the person trying to educate them.
  • Intelligence can be gauged only by someone smarter than the person being evaluated.
  • Intelligence cannot be judged by a volume of memorized information.
  • Intelligence can be judged only by expanding common knowledge.

If our current civilization were headed in the complete wrong direction, would we be able to recognize it? Our present day society may not be composed of the most intelligent people who have existed on this planet. We might just be the current inhabitants living here.

Human existence and purpose on this earth remain a mystery. To solve this mystery, a person must be open to new ideas and explore possibilities outside conventional thinking.

As the world’s population grows closer together with more human races becoming commingled, information is needed to stimulate our understanding. This growth will come in the form of answers to our existence.

The ancient Egyptians were the conclusion of the first human (positive) evolution cycle. Their existence provides the information needed to change our present world.

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