Definition of love: an unexplained attraction.

Energy of Love

The energy of love is responsible for every innovation our modern world encompasses. Advancements such as a dishwasher and water heater were conceived to relieve the suffering of a loved one. It’s believed that this unique energy defines our human existence. The emotions associated with love are the most intensive feelings a human can experience. When love is shared it advances life energy while providing guidance into maturity. Like an obsession, people are instilled with a need to love that will intensify or diminish throughout their lifetime.

When love begins, it triggers a sense of comfort and happiness, while the loss of love is painful and debilitating. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of love unless it’s experienced personally─ it’s beautiful and strange, all at the same time. Love is primarily used for survival, and on advanced levels, it can deliver lifelong happiness. Love’s collective energy among many people (friendship) could be vastly underestimated.

The characteristics of love resemble magnetic energy. The natural attraction or repulsion that occurs between two people is the result of unique combinations of their personal energy. As the relationship continues, these magnetic properties adjust to help people adapt to a level of comfort.

Love’s quality is subject to the maturity of the individuals. Undeveloped people tend to jump into and out of relationships quickly while searching for the next best experience. This disregard for human emotions results in the devastation of unsuspecting participants. It also continually degrades self-worth, causing an inability to love. Residing at the opposite end of the spectrum is a person that maintains a high quality love. These people stay committed to their relationships and are deeply hurt when betrayed.

As a young child, many people fall in love with a family pet, stuffed animal, blanket, or toy. This love is usually brief, with the exception of the pet. This relationship represents the first love of a living entity outside the family structure. Pets accept our love and reciprocate by providing affection throughout their lifespan.

A primary thought when love is spoken of is two young people being in love. But this versatile energy is dispersed and applied over many platforms. Successful control of this energy requires in-depth instruction. When love is misused, it causes grief and despair. Actions or thoughts that move a person further away from love generate negative energy, which produces an extended reversal of forward movement.

Love of a Friend

A friendship is a version of love initiated by common interests and compatible personalities. Once a mutual interest in each other has begun, communication and interaction then transpire. Though these friendships are left out of the reproductive cycle, they contribute to a rewarding life experience. As with any relationship, a friendship will fade if not properly maintained with regular communication. It also requires exhibiting a mutual respect for each other’s feelings. This form of love allows a friend to come and go within the relationship more freely and with less emotional turmoil than with family relationships.

A person is exposed to many friendship possibilities that occur throughout typical neighborhood and academic settings. All friendships advance life energy through the facilitation of an expanding social platform. Some of these interactions are discontinued prematurely due to life-path variations. These disconnected relationships retain some value and have the ability to be rekindled at a future date. Friendships are typically easy to maintain, which allows multiple occurrences. Personal energy can be advanced by reconciliation between estranged friends.

Few will be lucky enough to acquire a good friend at an early age; even fewer will maintain this friendship throughout a lifetime. As a popular saying goes, “Whoever has the most stuff wins,” but what they should be saying is, “Whoever has the best friend’s wins.” Any person with at least one good friend is truly rich.

First Love

The first love between two young people is unique and unforgettable. This intense emotion is coupled with a multitude of unfamiliar experiences. Love begins with a mutual interest followed by a dialogue. These discussions are used to help ease discomfort in the preliminary relationship stages. Once a level of comfort is achieved, passion erupts as the relationship is consummated.

When this primal attraction dissipates it signals the beginning of the work portion of the relationship which consists of concessions from both parties. The majority of these relationships will fail due to insufficient information about each other. Perfecting the first love into a lasting and pleasurable relationship requires objective observation before the partnership begins.

A person who is considered attractive has an additional responsibility. Because of the way certain people look, they can attract many potential suitors. Due to this abundance, “cute” people can abuse their position by manipulating others. These willing candidates will go to extraordinary lengths to impress someone who seems out of reach. Unfortunately, after these acts are carried out with little to no result, it creates resentment and self-degradation. An attractive person has a responsibility to not disrupt life energy with impure intentions.

Love at first sight has been a long-standing phenomenon involving two people who see each other for the first time, and fall in love. Though sheer numbers could substantiate this claim to a certain degree, this affliction produces the highest failure rate among couples.

Once a person’s first love has concluded, the intensity of subsequent relationships can be decreased. A person's first love is special, a truly unforgettable experience.


Although the journey of love is not easy, having a partner with whom to celebrate triumphs and endure tragedies while raising children is worth the effort. Before love, there is like, a series of encounters are then designed to proliferate the relationship. Once the relationship has progressed to a comfortable level, love initiates. A lasting relationship with adequate happiness levels is dependent on many factors, including the importance of mood cycle, duration, and intensity. The correlation and compatibility of these cycles dictate relationship harmony. Some people possess an element of sweetness that can offset mood deficiencies. A level of honesty is needed to construct a solid relationship foundation. Once this foundation is compromised with a major mistake, this seal of trust is broken. A period of truthfulness is then needed to mend further trust issues.

A mentally healthy relationship relies on the maturity of the individuals involved. A severe problem can cause a relationship to lock, not allowing either partner to advance their life energy. When these problems occur, a person has one of three options for proceeding.

  • Unhappily get through the situation
  • Abandon the situation
  • Happily get through the situation

Only the third choice can bring positive energy back into the relationship.

In some relationships, the two parties encompass opposite energy levels. These opposing energies require each individual to develop or risk failure of the relationship. The more alike these personality energies are, the more enjoyable the relationship will be, the proverbial match made in heaven.

As in any quest, gumption is required for a successful outcome. This fortitude is needed to endure the daily tasks of maintaining a job and home. This strength also comes into play throughout life’s natural hardships. A family household requires a level of attention to continue operating successfully. These chores are divided as natural abilities are applied. This division can sometimes generate animosity if the workload is grossly unbalanced.

Disagreements are inevitable and present themselves in every relationship due to varying view points. Typically, hostilities will rise as voices become abrupt while the couple engages in a power struggle. To defuse these situations, at least one person must admit fault. If this condition is allowed to continue without fault, the relationship will suffer.

Some people are bombarded with external information about their relationship from friends and relatives. While listening to other people’s opinions about any given situation is an option, acting on such information can prove to be a mistake. It would be impossible for an outsider to be completely knowledgeable about any relationship outside their own. People should always consider information from others, but make their own decisions.

There is one common element present within all long-term relationships: the ability to make the right decisions. People must be patient and think things through before they act. A long-term relationship will also produce a guarantee that each person in the relationship will change. When these changes occur, new challenges arise to cope with the new dynamic.

Participants in a relationship engage in a daily struggle while wondering if the partnership is worth continuing. These people are usually in the educational period of the relationship when mounting frustration creates an unbearable existence.

Once a mutual consensus to divide the relationship has transpired a natural power struggle begins. Confrontation is used as an attempt to preserve the self-confidence of each individual. This struggle includes rights to children and material possessions.

Some divorce attorneys have been known to promote confrontation to leverage revenue and property from the now-broken family. Ironically, the correct way to end a relationship is the way it started: by giving to each other.

When an individual decides to terminate a relationship, it can cause debilitating emotional damage to the partner. These people have no control over the outcome of a relationship choice but are completely affected by it. This condition is especially damaging to an older spouse.

When a relationship has run its course a mourning process transpires, much like a death of a loved one. As this process concludes, a person will explore alternative relationships that could exhibit the same characteristics as their previous encounter, which produces a rebound effect. This condition can cause the rationalization required to provide a comfort level needed to expedite the relationship. This natural reaction is to defend against the thought of an internal problem being the cause of the previous relationship failure. This rebound is coupled with the concern that love might not transpire again within their lifetime.

Some people can obtain many possible life partner options. These alternative partner choices produce unknown results, which can cause speculation. This assumption is infused with a fantasy factor to help make the comparison more provocative. This common condition is known as “the grass is always greener” syndrome. Though some relationships seem stressful, love is an amazingly accurate facilitator when progressing life energy through its process, though it can be occasionally uncomfortable. Only a couple’s fortitude can withstand time and progress life energy.

People that are absent of love for a long period of time develop a fear that it may never find them. When people age standards for a partner are lowered and the willingness to settle becomes seemly appropriate. This condition will result in a premature relationship choice that could conclude in disappointment.

Most people’s expectations of love have been extinguished if love has been non-existent in their life as they enter old age. These people fantasize about how they would cherish a loving relationship the rest of their life while they envy couples who still do.

Love is a random natural occurrence that cannot be predicted or planned. People who are forced into a relationship are often denied the experience of love.

A relationship can be facilitated by an occasional outing of fun and frolic. These instances should be used sparingly to avoid a crutch that must exist for the relationship to continue.

Lovers are never disappointed and always surprised while appreciating the little things. Each person remains neither submissive nor dominant while trying to please each other. Successful implementation of loves energy creates a mutually beneficial and rewarding journey through life.

Couples in love can achieve happiness by focusing on forward movement in their relationship. While love presents many challenges throughout its process, a successful completion of love’s journey is revered as angelic.

Love of Family

The birth of a baby is the most beautiful and incredible event that occurs on earth. Parents are instantly consumed with love and feelings of complete togetherness. Relatives and siblings also join the celebration by showering the newborn and parents with love. This new-found affection for the child creates an unbreakable bond that remains throughout a lifetime. As the baby settles into the parents’ lives, love grows stronger and more intense while obtaining a new level of happiness.

Mutual love for the child presents an incentive for the parents to perfect their relationship so they can provide a loving, happy home for their infant. Cohabitating in a positive manner also provides an example for children to proliferate into the next generation.

The unique love bond between siblings is created through many years of growing up together. Born into the same family, they are committed to be connected throughout a lifetime. Relationships between siblings share an advantage of maturing in a common living environment that facilitates development.

Every family is presented with multiple choices for any given situation. Problems within the family unit can be caused by different opinions. If an event concludes with unfavorable results hostile emotions can begin. These adverse feelings are generated when one family member is unable to accept the shortcomings of other family members. Relationships between family members must remain trouble free to enable positive energy and growth. If strained relationships exist with no attempt at reconciliation, damage to the family results.

If all family members put themselves second instead of first, the family will flourish with love and support. The health of the family unit must be the forethought of each member, while including aspects such as education, family growth, savings, and retirement plans. Failure to do so will result in expectations failing to come to fruition, and family members suffer.

Love and Hate

It’s possible to hate the one you love. Hatred toward a spouse is the result of a long term resentment generated from perpetual frustration. This occurrence usually develops in the later years of a relationship and is produced due to of the lack of consideration of one partner toward another. This form of love abuse from an immature partner can last a lifetime.

Rationalization and ignorance prevent a person from correcting abusive behavior, which can be as subtle as a snide remark or as brutal as an assault. This injustice can repeat itself for years with the abusing spouse unaware of a problem. In obvious episodes of misconduct, an abusing spouse can feel remorse and may go to extraordinary lengths to make it up to the abused partner.

From the perspective of the abuser, the problem that exists within their relationship is barely noticeable. The ability to progress in these deep rooted situations is generally slow and can take years to resolve. Each person holds a unique tolerance to discomfort that affects the duration of the relationship.

Events of abuse are designed to educate the abuser by observing their partners’ grief, while suffering remorseful feelings produced by their actions. An abused lover will sometimes stay with an abusive person because they cannot bear the thought of living without love, even if that love is impure.

Love and Death

Upon the death of a loved one, remorse will follow, this is loves promise. This affliction transcends harmonious and estranged relationships alike. The duration and intensity of mourning is equal to the love shared with that person. Feelings of regret provide an extra hurdle to the mourning process.

The emotional pain brought on by mourning is the process of a living love energy being transformed into a memory of love. The mourning process serves to eventually alleviate the discomfort of the event.

Bad Love

A person can love two people in the same way at the same time. When natural energies are allowed to unite, love can begin to manifest. Such relationships contradict the natural balance and inhibit the personal growth process. This practice is not widely accepted.

It’s impossible to love an item that can’t reciprocate love. When love is expressed for a material item such as an automobile, the term that should be used to describe the feeling is desire. This condition exists by anticipating expectations of happiness once a particular object is obtained. An extended anticipation period increases the level of desire. Once an item is obtained, a person’s interest for the item might fade as new desires are kindled. This stepped process of desire followed by obtaining material items perceives happiness which is a substitute for the more difficult task of self-improvement. This vicious circle can be conquered only by acknowledging and appreciating current belongings.

Although money cannot buy love, it can provide the opportunity for love. If a person is attracted to money and another person simultaneously has “the money” an opportunity for love may arise that may not have normally transpired. Money becomes a crutch that helps the relationship survive. Inevitably, the couple will either succeed or fail in the relationship, with or without money.

The largest travesty love has endured in recent times has been delivered by the media and manufacturing companies. Intertwined in exploiting loves message these companies introduce unrealistic fantasies in an effort to promote sales.


Due to the absence of education in the proliferation of love, human suffering continues at an alarming rate. Without proper training, families are doomed to repeat their mistakes in each generation.

The high failure rate of relationships has caused apprehension for many individuals. This skepticism undermines honest attempts at love, inevitably contributing to their relationships demise. For many filling a void of love becomes an obsession. The education of love and it energies can help protect a person’s most valuable first love while avoiding the regret and life energy disruption that accompanies relationship mistakes.

Imagine a global support system driven by the love of people, contributing talent and labor without anticipation of monetary compensation, teaching the next generation on the job and building a positive mindset through enlightenment. Society’s elders will be used as a resource by transferring their wisdom to the next generation. The strain and manipulation of money would cease to exist while allowing these newly freed resources to effectively raise the standard of living.

Relationships are a living energy that requires positive reinforcement to stay healthy. By not acknowledging negative aspects, only the positive remains.

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