The Evils


Many people’s lives are contorted by greed on a daily basis. The obsession of money and the potential happiness it could bring can cause loving parents to work incessantly while watching their family grow up without them. Regardless of consequences, the thought of money can overwhelm the integrity of a person who fails to acknowledge the line between satisfactory and excessive.

People often perform unfair business practices while convincing themselves that the money is for their family. By charging excessively or shortcutting quality these transactions unjustly remove revenue from another family while creating negative energy for both parties. This compromise is confronted by rationalization and ultimately regret.

There is a profit margin on most products and services. The amount of the profit is a closely guarded secret in many financial transactions. This profit secretly hides the fact that the business is making money above and beyond the actual cost. Increasing or decreasing this margin is the responsibility of the company ownership. This decision is a consideration to the business’s sustainability. If a miscalculation of this margin transpires, the jeopardy of the company and its employees ensues. Everyone concerned experiences uncertainty and discomfort if the future of the company is ambiguous. Business is built on “secrets” and how to make money within them.

Occasionally advertisers and manufacturers produce propaganda in the form of products and suggestive ads that are designed to generate revenue with little regard for the people they target. The moral validity of these ambitions degrades society by causing distrust on a large scale.

Historically, companies would abuse employees knowing many people were waiting in line to fill a position that a disgruntled employee might vacate. American labor unions were developed to ensure safety and fair wages for employees by leveraging their work-force while effectively holding the company hostage. Unfortunately, labor unions have added a substantial cost increase that has created an unfair advantage for foreign competitors that are slowly strangling these American companies.

As a natural survival instinct people are attracted to information involving human tragedies. Some news media services display excessive human shortcomings to provide themselves with advertising capabilities (commercials). This industry of shock and awe sensationalizes negative human behavior to generate a profit with an unsettling disregard for moral turpitude. This constant barrage of negativity affects anyone who watches.

Our society cannot exist without the monetary compensation system currently in place. Money is the root of all evil, but without cash, life is evil. My father once told me,” It’s a good business deal if both people felt like they got screwed.” If there is a devil, he created the capitalism system.

Earning money will never help a person sustain happiness. People play its game throughout their life, chasing a perceived happiness they never find. A person can be happy at almost any level of existence while enjoying relationships with family and friends. People that value these relationships beyond money represent the truly non-greedy and have mastered a valuable step toward enlightenment.

The most valuable thing anyone can give their family is love. This, in turn, contributes to an enjoyable life; everything else takes care of itself. This often means simply living with less material items.

Greed has slowly destroyed the human experience for many people. Because of greed, a person can become unattached from what’s important, love. These people often end up dying alone and un-loved. Greed is the big winner for being the biggest loser. Greed causes more discomfort than all evils combined.


People are familiar with the tag line for jealousy as the the green-eyed monster. This phrase was coined by Shakespeare in Othello to describe the feeling of jealously a husband experienced who had caught his wife cheating. The intensity of jealousy is directly related to the amount of love shared. Jealousy can’t exist without love.

Jealousy is a natural defense reaction to help thwart the fear of a person betraying love and the discomfort it will bring. Occurrences of jealousy can be created by inconsiderate people who are unable to consider the pain caused by their indiscriminate acts. An overactive imagination produced by an insecure partner can add unfounded turmoil. These conditions slowly erode relationship quality while breeding distrust.


Though an addiction can cause negative side effects, it serves as a relieving agent that removes mental or physical discomfort. Each addiction is unique to the individual and can consist of a wide variety of experiences. This repetitious occurrence temporarily enhances life’s daily experience.

An addiction can easily turn into an obsession that will alter a person’s lifestyle. When this lifestyle is removed, it causes discomfort while the person is returning to a normal reality. In life’s balance, no addiction is healthy, not even an addiction to being healthy. Personal growth is realized in this evil when life is balanced.


Arrogance is used to boost self-image by leveraging money, talent, or intelligence. This self-imposed admiration is required to help boost low self-esteem while degrading the self-worth of others. Receiving gratification from other people is a natural human desire. The lack of patience to receive such compliments breeds resentment, ultimately lowering life energy. Though arrogance shares the similar characteristics as self-confidence, it holds the distinct attribute of creating rejection. Humility must be exercised while exhibiting superiority to avoid conveying arrogance.


Essentially, there is nothing negative about being unknowledgeable about a particular subject. Not knowing simply facilitates the need for more information before confirming a prognosis. Ignorance is exhibited when a person is willing to move forward on a particular event without confirmation using the archetypal educated guess. The damage of ignorance is multiplied when the condition is applied to personal health issues.

Often a person has reasonable doubt but is confident enough to offer information that may improve the situation by following their advice with the phrase “I think so.” This allows an objective discussion to transpire that is required to facilitate further investigation.


The act of being judgmental is a conditioned response developed from past situations that have resulted in a negative outcome. This appearance or action-based emotion has proliferated into almost every aspect of our existence. Though its true people have only one chance to make a first impression, the portrayed assumption is almost always incorrect.

When people are observed in stressful situations they can be perceived as hostile. In typical situations the same people can be perceived as being normal. Being overly judgmental limits life energy by introducing negative energy.


Surprised to see lazy as an evil? Virtually every negative human emotion can be attributed to being lazy. The act of being lazy is damaging in itself because it allows a person’s sense of responsibility to become relaxed, causing discomfort to others.

The act of being lazy doesn’t restrict itself to becoming a couch potato. A person can be busy but still lazy. These lazy-busy people engage in many senseless activities while neglecting work-related responsibilities.


When it comes to hurting a person’s feelings, deception is at the top of the list. Lies effectively remove the trust element of a relationship while diminishing life energy. Deception defaces the noble notion of truth and, along with greed is one of the simplest evils to correct.

Created to protect the feelings of others, a white lie resides in a completely different category than a negatively oriented premeditated lie. A white lie projects a positive energy, created by the consideration of another.


Rationalization is a combination of laziness and greed. People often try to rationalize immoral behavior by creating an excuse for their action. This self imposed excuse is designed to provide comfort while attempting to offset an injustice designed to supply an ill-gotten gain. This seemingly harmless evil quietly erodes personal growth.


A direct result of a personal hardship, vengeance is directed at someone or something that has created a tragedy. This discomfort can convert into rage, which is then directed at the perpetrator. To transcend this evil, the reason behind the unfriendly act must be identified and accepted. Once reconciliation between the two affected parities has transpired, vengeance can be defused, avoiding further retaliation.

Lack of Appreciation

It’s natural to desire a special material item or experience for the people you love. These acts of kindness reward the recipient while enhancing the life experience of the giver. A person who appreciates these good deeds facilitates positive energy. Someone who fails to acknowledge these gifts damages future intentions.


A company is the sum of its team members that live and die by the devotion to a common cause. When positive thoughts and actions are generated, the company grows while facilitating financial harmony.

Companies and advertisers that practice fair compensation for their goods or services earn nobility and honor from their employees and patrons. Business owners who have a natural compassion for their employees as fellow humans happily succeed.

People have a propensity to allow many evils into their lives, more than they would like to admit. While some of these problems are hereditary, others result from a simple lack of training.

 Throughout life’s journey, a person will create many discomforts while this basic self-training initiates. The damage of these mistakes affects innocent bystanders who are helpless in the situation. Mistakes will range from minor to extreme and will cause a lifetime of regret.

While materialism has compromised a large portion of the world’s population many people are blessed with little. This absence of material items relieves this distraction, leaving them free to experience life’s relationships.

Training children about these natural human pitfalls will allow them to create proper practices as they advance their life energy.


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