Universe, Time, and Energy

Positive thought processes produced by the mind will expel the body’s negative energy. The volume of thoughts produced is equal to the amount of energy consumed. People possess a unique energy level that develops throughout their lifetime. When a person lives with purpose and tenacity it increases the body’s usage, which burns fuel. Advancing life energy is achieved by promoting a positive work and home environment while improving personal relationships and advocating physical activities.

Some societies believe a person’s mood is controlled by celestial cycles and the gravitational energy provided by the earth’s relationship to the stars and planets in our universe. Deciphering these positional relationships and calculating individual results which create a pattern can take years. A predicable mood cycle provides value by enlightening a person with improved awareness. Comprehension of these cycles is complicated by peripheral forces not related to planet location such as environmental conditions.

The energy of happiness and karma are universal human desires which develop a state of mind over a lifelong pilgrimage. When a tragedy occurs, people are compelled to assist with the energy known as compassion.

The rules of time and energy are intriguing; each is unique in scope and usability. Our universe presents an endless field of possibilities that spark the imagination of anyone that gazes into the cosmos on a star-washed night.


Everything in existence must adhere to the guidelines of time, space, and energy. Space serves as a suspension agent on the interior of the universe where galaxies contain “energy mass” (E = mc2 ).

Since the beginning, people have been investigating the universe while searching for clues to our origin. Through observation, ancient astronomers created a basic “road map” that included twelve star constellations.

Modern society once believed that travel into space would yield information that would benefit all mankind. Since then, worldwide space programs have produced spacecrafts that perform various functions. Currently the universe is studied with an urgent passion using computerized structures that house colossal telescopes. These programs gather data that are stored and ready to be analyzed by scholars, teachers, and students alike.

Space exploration and observation programs have used vast amounts of natural resources, including millions of hours from field professionals. This observation and big journey into space is largely a disappointment with no life-confirming answers to report. Developing the ability to observe life on a planet outside our solar system by modern methods is extremely remote.

The question is, for all the effort that has been expended in the exploration of the universe, why is so little information returned? Space exploration was like being excited about a road trip which is generated by the anticipation of discovery. Once the destination has been reached, interest is experienced, but no real answers are found.


On earth, the mechanical measurement of time remains a constant with very little deviation. Though living in the fabric of time is a mandatory requirement of every living thing, little is known about this medium other than the fact that it moves forward.

There are several everyday occurrences in which the manipulation of the perception of time is exhibited. The perception of time can be distorted by desirable and undesirable situations. When people fall asleep they fade out of consciousness, causing the acknowledgment of passing time to become contorted.

One of the most impressive displays of fabric manipulation involves removing people from the continuum temporarily and then reinserting them at a later time. These instances occur daily in local hospitals. Prior to an operation, an anesthesiologist administers a drug that renders a person unconscious to avoid discomfort. These drugs are then monitored to ensure that the patient maintains a prescribed level of medicine in their bloodstream.

This state of induced unconsciousness is not a sleep state (the person cannot be awakened). The administered anesthesia effectively leverages life energy away from the body and out of the time continuum. This person is absent of almost all thought processes, which includes any recollection of time passing. During this unconscious state, a person’s life energy is non-existent.

At the conclusion of the procedure, the patient’s body is allowed to recover, which re-activates the life energy back into existence and into the current time continuum. The acceleration into the current time continuum can cause motion sickness. The severity of the nausea is related to the duration of the unconscious state.

Though the fabric of time presents many standard variables, it also offers an equal amount of mystery.


Positive and negative energy is the basis on which all creation is constructed. These opposites represent the presence of time as well as the absence of time, like magnetic fields. This theory is experienced by allowing two magnets to naturally draw themselves together, and when reversed they repel. (Magnetic fields)

More than just magnetism this action represents matter existing and then not, simultaneously (a common quantum physics assumption). This principle is the essence of electricity, which operates on the same platform. Collectively, all elements of energy and mass create the universe, which must conform to the rules of existence and non-existence.

Through trillions of years, every particle of energy in our galaxy migrates to the center of the Milky Way, where it’s consumed into Sagittarius A (a massive black hole) that exists as the absence of time. Once these elements enter the time void, they are simultaneously transported back into the time continuum at the outer edge of the galaxy, where energy mass is reconfigured and reborn as new a planet, star or solar system. Small asteroids and other space debris are the result of this process. As a planet, star, or solar system is pulled closer to the Milky Way,

 the fabric of time is consumed at a more rapid pace. There are countless galaxies contained within the universe.

Electromagnetism is generated by the same positive and negative components used in a typical electrical application. Each mass in the universe possess a unique magnetic state which in turn is used to suspend a planet, star or solar system in a particular location in the galaxy. By comparison, the mass of a planet, star or solar system and force confining them to their orbit or placement is feeble. These massive fields of energy create flash holes which represent alternating current and are capable of propelling energy between solar systems and planets inside a galaxy.

A person’s mind is efficient in creating energies qualified to heal imperfections in the body. Primitive cultures depend almost completely on these healing energies. Tribe members use local plants and other ingredients infused with positive energy to help generate momentum in the healing process. Because this method is not 100 percent effective, it has drawn skepticism and controversy throughout western culture. The lack of research in perfecting these processes has led to the advancement of traditional chemical treatments.

The term “in the zone” is a phenomenon referred to when a person appears to have super-human strength or talent. These seemingly impossible tasks is the result of the right brain being allowed to materialize through the conscious mind (left brain). Once an event initiates, it can become more extraordinary by allowing the right brain function and assume complete control. While in complete right brain mode the conscious mind is absent making recollection of the event difficult. This extraordinary energy is available to anyone that can activate their right brain function.

Though the right brain is capable of extraordinary accomplishments most activities are subtle. For example, a person is looking over a crowded room, and suddenly her eyes are drawn to a person in the crowd looking right at her. This uncontrollable connection is produced by a reaction created subconsciously in both people.

At gatherings such as a party, energies comingle, creating a multi level moxie impossible to achieve individually. This positive energy cannot be forced into a particular social event. It can be achieved only if the participants allow such energy.

Our current society’s comprehension of the right brain and its capabilities is in the infantile stages. Humans are the only species that possess the ability to individually engage either right or left brains. Animals are almost completely right brained so they communicate and react without apprehension by interpreting energies in their vicinity.

Dogs are dependent on their ability to sniff an item of clothing to help seek its owner, even from miles away. Though a dog’s smelling capabilities are far greater than a human’s this seemingly impossible task is performed with hyper sensitivity to energy, and scent.

Much like humans, pets can have inherent personalities that can complement or repel their owner. These innocent minds “see” life energy through the use of their right brain and react accordingly. Animals remain in this innocent state and seek positive energy stimulation throughout their lives.

The human body is a support system that contains life energy. This body is a chemically based, bio-fuel converting, electro impulse machine controlled by the brain.

Energies support and control every aspect of a person’s life. While some energy is subtle, others types of energy have a very noticeable effect.


Problem solving has been a civilization’s nemesis since the beginning. Time forces everything in the universe to change. These changes occur because energy cannot stay the same and survive.

The creation of the universe is irrelevant. The importance of the universe is realized in the comprehension of the energies its galaxies encompass.

Knowledge is gained from the universe by attracting positive energy. This attraction is created by clearing your thoughts while gazing into a clear night sky. This positive action will invite energy into a person’s right-brain function in the form of an inspiration.

Happiness and time are closely related. A person’s happiness must be obtained for each second of time. This is difficult because most people are looking forward to their next thought or action. To experience time with happiness people must be capable of appreciating their current surroundings. If this state of mind is unsuccessful, happiness cannot transpire.

We feel the fabric of time throughout the day, like a gentle blanket continually pulled across our bodies, always moving. This medium allows a person to learn how to advance life energy after regretful actions, while obtaining joy when conscious acts of goodness are performed. These actions are designed to teach by self-reflection while perfecting positive actions. Without time the ability to increase life energy would be impossible.

Wherever positive energy thrives, negative energy will be close by, naturally attracted to each other. This negative energy can arrive in obvious and seemingly innocent forms alike.

A person’s existence is defined by the beginning and ending of each rotation of the earth. Yet the time span of our human existence is so diminutive it’s almost immeasurable compared to the life span of the universe.

Modern society has traveled into and magnified the cosmos. This direction has produced no big picture results. Rather than looking at the universe as a complicated device that is seemingly impossible to understand, simply observe the cosmos as the multi-layered energy platform that it is.

Planet earth supplies a life-supporting condition that drives human evolution. The possibility of these conditions occurring elsewhere in the universe is inevitable.

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