Death and Rebirth

Life Energy

Life and death represent the two separate phases of a person's life energy: existence and non-existence. These phases reside at the opposite ends of the spectrum and exhibit completely different applications. While living, a person’s life energy has the opportunity to be changed. In death, the life energy is the result of those changes.

Memories of regretful incidences resurface when a person is close to death or has had a near-death experience. A desperate compulsion to connect with estranged loved ones is an attempt to gain positive energy. Regretful actions imbed themselves in a person’s memory to accentuate their importance. The accumulation of good and bad memories creates a person’s life energy.

Subject to a person’s thoughts and actions, life’s energy contains many characteristics of electricity that advance or decline with each instance. This energy-level progression is similar to traveling on a large staircase, each stride leading to the next, ascending or descending. Without forward direction, life energy becomes stagnant, which causes a melancholy state.

Efforts to recreate life have been futile while the origin of life energy remains an enigma. By using a live tissue sample, scientists have been successful in perfecting a cell reproduction cloning process. But this process builds on an existing life platform and does not recreate life.

Cloning a fully fledged human presents a fundamental problem. Although it’s possible to create a human body, it would lack a unique life energy which is available only through viable reproduction methods. Due to the absence of a right-brain entity, this new human will lack coherency. This abnormal condition would be difficult to detect in animal cloning due to the absence of a logical mind.

Modern science has been unsuccessful in substantiating proof of an afterlife, which has produced skepticism and a wide variety of interpretation. This skepticism is divided into three main categories: rebirth, divine destination, or elimination.


Life energy, once in existence, is never lost or dissolved. Life and death exist as completely different energies, negative and positive, time and the absence of it. The fabric of time only exists when a person is alive. When people close their eyes for the last time and death overcomes their body, the actual fabric of time falls away, effectively separating their life energy from the time continuum.

This life-energy transformation follows the same principles as magnetism. When people are living, their energy is charged, holding their life inside their body. When people die their life energy instantly reverses repelling the energy away from earth and out of the time continuum. Again, this mechanical exhibition of energy (matter) existence and nonexistence is a common quantum physics assumption.

This life energy transfer causes the information stored in the left brain (conscious mind) to be stripped away, while leaving the right brain energy (matter) intact.

When a person is near death they sometimes experience themselves floating over their body. This effect is the result of their life energy being held in transition between the universe pulling them into their next life and the current body struggling to hold on. The life energy is pulled back into their body if normal operating functions resume within a short amount of time.

When a loved one dies, a mourning process is experienced which represents love energy being transformed into a passive state (love lost).


While in the absence of time state (non-existence), a person’s life energy is subject to re-entry protocol. When re-born, a person’s life energy is reversed and pulled back into the time continuum and back into existence as their new life birth is completed. This complete process occurs very quickly much like a flash of light, despite the amount of time that has passed in the physical world. Remorse from loved ones introduces additional demands, which can affect destination.

This dramatic re-entrance into the current world is accompanied by extreme momentum while the reintroduction of the time continuum occurs. An infant is born almost exclusively with right brain capabilities which nullify the effects of re-entry (motion sickness).

An unborn baby is a biological cell formation inside the mother’s uterus. As a result of the birth process, life energy enters an infant’s body only when it’s able to support a life soul which usually occurs just outside the womb.

 Life energy can be transferred only to a life-sustaining body. An infant’s right brain functionality enables involuntary actions such as random movements, breast feeding, burping and crying. As the left brain matures it begins to store memory files which initiate coherency.

When an infant is born, it represents three independent life energies: mother, father, and the individual. Though an individual is at the core of this life essence the mother and father play a role in affecting their child’s personality. In general, a first born son will have more of his mother’s characteristics than his father’s, with just the opposite scenario for a daughter. As a second, third, and fourth child is added, the condition loses intensity, allowing future infants to arrive with less parental influences.

When a baby is born, an automatic love is shared among family and friends this unconditional joy is love recaptured.

A person’s talent is divided into two separate categories: educational and natural. Educational talent is logical, (left brain) structured and obtained by hours of studying a particular subject. Natural talent is the complete opposite and developed by the right brain which stores passionate characteristics. This natural passion is carried continuously and developed throughout each lifetime.

The content of a REM dream can control a person’s mood. These dreams are comingled with fantasy and desire assembled from conscious images and feelings. Though most dreams are recognizable, some dreams can exhibit unfamiliar scenery. These unfamiliar dream elements are a product of right-brain inclinations stored throughout many lifetimes.

Throughout many lifetimes people experience both male and female life forms. This gender alternation is influenced by aggressive and passionate energy levels. These fluctuations can become diluted, causing a female to have male tendencies with the opposite effect for males.


All life forms expel their life energy at the time of their death; the energy is then reinserted when required.

A miracle of life, an infant is created by opposite sexes. Modern science offers no explanations for the genesis of the actual person inhabiting the body.

Love and remorse are the prevailing energies that guide a person’s life energy to a particular family throughout the rebirth process. When people experiences the death of a loved one they are involuntarily forced through the various stages of the mourning process. Once these stages have been completed a renewed appreciation for their own life and the possibility it holds begins.

When people die without love they subject themselves to a random rebirth that will accommodate their life energy. Once reborn into a non-loving family, an appreciation for love is accentuated. These people become extraordinary family members due to their profound benevolence for the loved ones in their life.

Occasionally a person near death will see or feel deceased loved ones waiting for them. These are the life energies that are ready to love them in their new life.

The most valuable thing a person can leave behind is a part of themselves in the hearts of loved ones.

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